Need Some Eco-Chic Attire? Here’s Why prAna Rocks (Promo Code Inside!)

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It’s no secret that organic food is amazing, but did you know you can also buy organic clothing? I’ve been a fan of eco-chic fashion for a while, so I was psyched when Moms Meet offered to connect me with prAna.

What is prAna? It’s an ecofriendly company that’s been selling comfy clothing since 1992.

Prana is an ancient Sanskrit term with a beautiful meaning: Breath, life, and vitality of the spirit. Sounds like an awesome name for my next child (not that I’m pregnant or planning to have another baby any time soon).

The company designs clothes that transition easily from the office to the woods. I donned my outfit during my workday, then played outside with the kids for a few hours before stopping by a birthday gathering for my teen’s friend’s dad. Usually I just wear yoga pants with hoodies or loose T-shirts, so I was pretty impressed that my prAna gear worked well in each setting.

I was comfortable, but I felt polished and fashionable. Several kids complimented my attire after they got off the school bus, and that made me feel good. After all, kids are honest. They usually don’t give fake compliments just to be polite.

Here’s the outfit I wore:

As you can see, I’ve mastered the selfie. Unfortunately this is a blog, not Tinder or POF. That’s why I had my daughter take some other pics when she got home from school.

Check out the gorgeous buttons on the sleeves of this sweater. I love when my clothes have subtle accents like this.

See the purple and green spider webs in the background? We’re totally ready for Halloween at my place.

My cat admires my ecofriendly fashion sense. Check out how excited he is about posing for a pic with me:

Okay, not really. I just wanted an excuse to show off my feline friend.

You may notice the sleeves of my prAna sweater are a little baggy on me. That’s because I lost around 20 pounds after my kids started school. This isn’t prAna’s fault; their stuff fits true to size. In the future, I’ll order a size or two smaller than the one I requested for this blog. Depends on how well my weight loss journey continues to go.

FYI, I’m rocking the Aya Sweater in Gravel in the pics above (here’s a direct link to it). The pants are the Mantra Pant in Black Herringbone (click here to check them out).

Here’s a pic of my prAna sweater on my bed instead of my body:

Super cute, right? Even my teen thought so.

Here’s a closeup of my prAna pants:

They’re nice and baggy. Just the way I like them.

Here’s a better pic of the pants (please not that I am NOT wearing a prAna top in this pic – just prAna pants):

And yes, I am barefoot in the fall. It’s not that cold in the Midwest, and I like the way the earth feels beneath my feet.

Now that you’ve seen plenty of pics that showcase my fabulous fashion sense, let’s talk about why organic cotton matters. I’ve got an info-packed video for you titled – you guessed it – Why Organic Cotton Matters:

The video explains why sustainable fashion is so important. If you don’t have time to watch the entire video, check out this shocking fact: More than 10% of our planet’s pesticides are used to cultivate conventionally grown cotton. Regular cotton also uses around 25% of the world’s insecticides.

Conventionally grown cotton is not a friend of our planet.

Luckily prAna realizes this. That’s why the brand crafts comfy clothing from materials like organic cotton, recycled wool, hemp, recycled polyester, and responsible down. Good stuff – for your body and the planet.

PrAna is woke. If you’re a crunchy mama like me, then you already know what that means. We already talked about the ecofriendly materials the brand uses, but I didn’t tell you about the company’s core belief. It only has one, and it’s an excellent one: Give back more than we take from the world.

Wouldn’t the world be amazing if we all focused on giving back more than we take? I think so.

Some of you are probably getting restless and wondering where to find the promo code I promised you in the title. Hey, I didn’t forget. Here you go:

Score 15% off your order when you use code MMMNF17 at 

You can use the code as many times as you want (woo hoo!), and it’s good for everything except sale items.

Want to connect with prAna? Check out these links:


Which prAna gear deserves a spot in your closet?

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