Money-Saving Monday is Back! Find Coupons for Healthy Food Here


Happy Monday! Last week, I decided to put an end to the “You can’t buy healthy food with coupons” debate that I often hear by sharing some coupons for organic and GMO-free products. You can access that post by clicking here – some of last week’s coupons (including gluten-free bread, vegan chocolate milk, and fresh berries) are still good!

Look, I’m not going to lie to you. It is harder to find coupons for healthy food than it is to find offers for processed junk – but it’s not impossible. I combine coupons, grocery rebate apps, and Target Cartwheel to get great deals on healthy food. I also have a Target debit card that lets me save 5% on every purchase (more on that later).

Here are this weeks’s coupons for healthy food:

Spectrum Cooking Oils and Sprays

This week, has a high-value coupon that lets you save $3 off any Spectrum oil purchase. You can find the cooking spray for $4 or $5 at some stores, but I usually buy unrefined coconut oil with my coupon.

Sunset Tomatoes

Sunset tomatoes are verified by the Non GMO Project. This is great news if you’re trying to limit the amount of genetically modified produce you consume.

Click here to receive a coupon for $0.75 off Sunset tomatoes.

Annie’s Granola Bars

Save $0.50 on Annie’s granola bars. There are gluten-free varieties available, and we usually buy them at Target or Walmart.

Hail Merry Snacks

My family loves Hail Merry snacks, especially the tarts. They’re vegan, gluten-free, and packed with flavor. Save $1 on Hail Merry snacks by printing a coupon here.

Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal Cups

Need a quick and easy breakfast? Save $1 on 2 Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal cups by clicking here.

Agave in the Raw

Need an alternative to refined sugar? Agave in the raw is a natural, organic sweetener made from blue agave. You can save $0.75 on Agave in the Raw by clicking below.

Kashi Savory Bars

I don’t have any coupons for Kashi this week, but you can get Kashi Savory Bars for less than $1 when you combine a $1.00 Ibotta refund with a Cartwheel deal for 50% off. If you aren’t familiar with Ibotta, check out my grocery rebate app FAQs article by clicking here.

Click here for the $1 Ibotta refund for Kashi

Applegate Natural and Organic Meats

If you’ve never tried Applegate bacon, you’re missing out. Applegate sells lunch meat, pepperoni, salami, hotdogs, and bacon that are verified by the Non GMO Project and free of nitrates. You can get a coupon for Applegate products by signing up here.

Save 5% on All Purchases With the Target Debit Card

Earlier in this post, I told you guys I’d mention the Target debit card later. The Target debit card is 100% free, and it’s not a credit card. You don’t need good credit to get approved. You simply link your existing checking account to the card and use it to save 5% off your entire purchase (whether you buy food, clothes, electronics, or whatever) every time you shop at Target. Easy peasy.

Target also offers a store credit card, and you can save money using that. I personally prefer the debit card, but I have zero credit cards.

Disclaimer: I’m a Target affiliate. That’s a fancy way of saying I earn money to support my blog’s hosting fees if you purchase a Target product listed on my site. I’m also an affiliate for some of the other companies listed throughout my blog, including, but not limited to, Ibotta and Checkout 51. All opinions are my own – I never trade my integrity for cash.

Have you seen any great coupons for healthy food lately?

Got something to say? I'm listening. :)