Money-Saving Monday is Back! Check Out These Coupons for Healthy Food

Monday-Saving Monday has returned! I’ve got plenty of coupons and rebates for healthy food and household goods below.

Remember, you can maximize your savings by combining coupons with rebate apps like Ibotta. I’ve got a detailed post that answers frequently asked questions about the Ibotta rebate app and rebate apps like Ibotta. You can also combine coupons and rebates with discount apps for specific stores, such as Cartwheel for Target. Let’s not forget that you can take 5% off your purchase if you pay with a Target debit card.



Okay, let’s jump right in and start saving money with this week’s coupons for healthy food and other necessities:


Newman’s Own Salad Dressing

Save $1 with a printable coupon

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Redeem a $1 rebate at Ibotta

Tip: Check the Cartwheel app for extra coupons. It has coupons for this brand regularly.

I found a bunch of salad dressing on clearance the other day, so my Newman’s Own was only $0.37 after coupons and rebates. You can find clearance deals in your area by browsing sites like BrickSeek.

You can also print a $1 coupon for Newman’s Own Organic.

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Ground Beef – Any Brand

Redeem a $0.50 rebate at Ibotta for any brand of ground beef – Expires May 2nd, so act fast!

Seventh Generation Feminine Products

These rebates expire May 3rd, so redeem them ASAP if you buy these products!

Redeem a $1.50 rebate for tampons at Ibotta

Redeem a $1.00 rebate for chlorine-free pads at Ibotta


Earth Balance Products

Save $1 with a printable coupon for an Earth Balance product

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Redeem a $1.50 rebate for nut butter at Ibotta

Redeem a $1 rebate for vegan buttery spread at Ibotta

Ibotta also regularly runs a promotion where you get an extra $1 if you redeem 2 Earth Balance rebates. The current bonus expires May 2nd, but I’ve seen it multiple times over the last few weeks. Check back later if it’s gone when you look.


Evol Foods

Save $1 on a frozen Evol entree with a printable coupon

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Save $2 on a Multi Serve Evol meal with a printable coupon

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Arctic Zero Fit Frozen Desserts

Redeem a $1.50 rebate for Arctic Zero at Ibotta

Or check out the other rebates for ice cream and frozen desserts at Ibotta this week.


Seeds of Change

Save $1.50 on Seeds of Change with a printable coupon

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Don’t like any of the coupons above? There are tons of them below, but I’m not promising they’re all for healthy food.

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Disclaimer: I’m an Ibotta affiliate. That’s a fancy way of saying I earn money to support my blog’s hosting fees if you join Ibotta (which is totally free, just so you know). I’m also an affiliate for some of the other companies listed throughout my blog, including, but not limited to, Target and Checkout 51. All opinions are my own – I never trade my integrity for cash. 

Are you looking for a coupon for a specific brand or product? Let me know, and I’ll add it to this list if I find it.

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