Free Vegan Butter at Target! (And It’s Almost Free at Walmart)

It’s hard to find vegan butter that isn’t gross. I usually end up using olive oil or coconut oil instead of butter, but my kids still love butter. Earth Balance Buttery Spread is a vegan butter that’s gluten free and doesn’t contain any GMOs. You can use it anywhere you’d use regular butter, including recipes for vegan cookies and cakes.

Have I personally tried Earth Balance products? Yes, and they’re okay. Like I said, I prefer olive oil or coconut oil.  I also try to limit soy consumption. Earth Balance tastes decent, though, and it gets the job done. My kids can’t really tell the difference between Earth Balance and butter made from dairy milk.

Here’s how to get free vegan butter from Target:

Add the Cartwheel deal for 25% off Earth Balance Buttery Spreads to your shopping list

Print a coupon for $1 off Earth Balance Buttery Spreads


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Redeem an instant rebate for $1 at Ibotta

Redeem a rebate for $1.25 from Checkout 51


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But wait, it gets better…

If you’re reading this between August 9th and August 15th, you may want to stock up on additional groceries while you’re at Target. They’re running a promotion where you get a free $10 gift card if you spend $50 on groceries.

This gift card promotion is available in stores and online. No code is needed if you shop online.



Not a fan of Target?

No problem. You can get a similar deal at Walmart on Earth Balance Buttery Spread, but keep in mind Walmart doesn’t accept Cartwheel. You can still use your printed coupon and the two rebates there.

Ibotta limits you to 1 rebate, but Checkout 51 lets you claim up to 5. You can use both of these rebate apps at Target or Walmart.

Do you have questions about rebate apps?

I answer a lot of common questions about rebate apps in a previous blog post. Click here to read it. 

You can also post questions in the comment section below. I generally respond to all relevant comments within a few days.


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