Fix Your Financial Situation With Help From Credit Repair Review

After I taught readers how to get a credit card with the shopping cart trick, several of you said you want to see more finance-related posts on this blog. I’m happy to honor your requests, so I reached out to a website called Credit Repair Review to see if we could join forces. We worked out a business deal, and I’m excited to share this sponsored post with you (translation: I got paid to share my honest opinion about this company, and the FTC likes me to tell you that).

What is Credit Repair Review?



Credit Repair Review is a convenient website that compares popular credit repair services in user-friendly charts and information-packed blogs. Basically, it simplifies the process of choosing the best credit repair company for your unique financial situation.

If you’re not familiar with credit repair companies, I’ll give you a brief breakdown:

A credit repair company strives to do what its name implies: Repair your credit. Some people contact credit repair companies as soon as a negative mark appears on their credit reports, while others hire credit repair agencies as a last resort prior to filing bankruptcy. I remember reading about the benefits of using a credit repair company when I took the initial financial class required for my Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

I decided to go ahead with my bankruptcy, but I have a close friend who put her bankruptcy filing on hold while she worked with a credit repair company. She got the results she wanted and ended up abandoning her plans to file for bankruptcy.

Does Credit Repair Review Only Review Popular Companies?

No. I’ve seen other review sites that just discuss a handful of credit repair companies, and that’s because those companies rely on affiliate income. Credit Repair Review offers honest, unbiased reviews for more than 100 different credit repair companies. You’ll see well-known companies like Lexington Law and The Credit People, but you’ll also find reviews for smaller credit repair agencies, including:

  • GreenPath Debt Solutions
  • Shamrock Credit Repair Professionals
  • Leaf Credit Solutions
  • Lynx Credit Repair
  • Falcon Credit Management
  • CareOne Debt Relief Services

You can access the full list of reviews by clicking here.

How Does Credit Repair Review rate companies?

Credit Repair Review evaluates the pros and cons of a credit repair agency by considering the following factors:

  • Customer service
  • Educational materials (are you provided with enough info about the credit repair process?)
  • Pricing
  • Available programs
  • The length of time it takes for you to see the effects of the company’s credit repair services

I love that the company evaluates educational materials because let’s be real here: Many folks don’t understand how credit works. You have a right to know what’s wrong with your credit score as well as receive detailed information about how disputing charges or negotiating settlements can impact your credit. This keeps you from getting scammed by a credit repair company, but it also helps you make smart financial decisions in the future.


Can’t I Just Fix My Credit Myself?

Yeah, if you know how. I’m guessing that’s not going so well for you if you’re reading this article, but I could be wrong.

Credit Repair Review admits that you can fix your own credit score, but the site explains that it can be stressful. If you’ve ever spent hours on the phone arguing with a credit card company, then you already know this. Also, if you don’t have a strong financial background, you might dispute the wrong things or agree to settlements that hurt your credit score rather than help it.

I made this mistake before I filed bankruptcy because I mistakenly thought accepting a cheap settlement for a debt would help my credit score. It didn’t, because the company wrote something like “Account closed but not paid in full due to partial-balance settlement.” It didn’t help my credit at all; in fact, my FICO decreased because the account was closed. The length of time you’ve had an account open is one factor that impacts your score, so agreeing to a settlement was a bad move for me.

How Much Does it Cost to Use Credit Repair Review?

Not a dime. You can read reviews, view detailed charts, and contact the company for free. There’s no pressure to choose a credit repair agency or do anything you don’t want to do.

However, keep in mind that you might have to pay a credit repair fee if you decide to hire one of the agencies you find on Credit Repair Review. You pay this fee directly to the agency you choose, not to Credit Repair Review. They are not affiliated with the companies they review.

Want to learn more about Credit Repair Review?

Visit the website at, or contact them via their online form.

Want to share a great experience – or an awful one – that you’ve had with a credit repair agency? Give us the details in the comment section below!

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    Sometimes it does help to use a service like this. Best solution is to never get yourself in that position in the first place!

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    This is all really good information. Several years ago I fell into a financial slump and had to figure out on my own how to repair my credit. It was so much work that I wish I had hired a third party to do it for me.

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    I think rebuilding your credit is super important. I am also glad that their are resources to help people do it.

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